Christmas 2017

Wednesday 13th December 2017, the last sing of the year and an opportunity for Jenny to show us her new seasonal top.  Photo 12-13-17, 19 35 40

There was a quick romp through some of the Christmas song list when we all tried, and again failed, to make the ‘Gaudete’ verses trip off our tongues with elegantly precise enunciation.  Then it was on with the traditional entertainment when various subsets of  ‘volunteers’ pluck up courage to face the audience and perform a party piece.

Anne and Lynda kicked off with a reminder that we should treat Christmas messages with due caution.Photo 12-13-17, 19 54 48

Their very sound advice is here.

Charlotte gave a fine rendition of ‘Over the Rainbow’ before the men lowered the tone by giving voice to Stuart’s medley of ‘Songs for Old Age’.

Photo 12-13-17, 20 17 31


The alternative words to familiar tunes can be found by at this link:  Songs for Old Age

There was some surprise that it went on so long but you should have seen it before Jenny got busy with her scissors.  There’s enough for a different performance next year, or maybe in 2027.


Photo 12-13-17, 20 36 09The third row of the game girls was next up with an entertaining version of ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ which invited audience participation in response to placards being help up in turn.  We did our best, with eyes swiveling along the line, to get our tongues  round ‘Ten sopranos sozzled’ and the like but really we were too busy laughing.

Another game girl, Sally, told us about her dearest wish (two central incisors) for Christmas.

Photo 12-13-17, 20 11 23

before Marlene thanked the committee for all their hard work through the year and Charlotte thanked Jenny with a special termly report.

Photo 12-13-17, 20 45 07

Then it was time to see whether we had won any of our donations back in the raffle.

Photo 12-13-17, 18 35 17

An amazing number of prizes and a triumph for Jane and her helpers.

Then we could turn to the nibbles.  Actually, some nibbles!  Maggie had asked that we all bring some small edible contribution but there was nothing small about it; this reporter didn’t stay to the bitter end but doggy bags looked to be needed!  It was great fare and next time I will remember not to make any other eating arrangements.  The wine went down well too!

Photo 12-13-17, 18 55 20

With a huge thanks to Maggie for all the arrangements and, of course, for capturing all the above moments with her trusty tablet.