Dates to note

Raucous Chorus normally meets at 7.30pm on Wednesday evenings during school terms at Beaminster School, Newtown (extension of Fleet Street), Beaminster.  We sing in the main hall when possible but, if this is required by the school, we may be in the library.


Saturday 23 March – 9.20am to 1.00pm – Bohemian Rhapsody Workshop – IN THE TOWN HALL (this is not a Raucous event so please invite friends and family) – £10 charge.

and these key Wednesdays:
3 April – last RC of Spring Term
10 and 17 April – no RC
24 April – first RC of Summer Term
29 May – Summer Half Term – no RC
26 June – Beaminster Festival – no RC
17 July – last RC of Summer Term and brief AGM with consoling drinks/nibbles
then no RC until
4 September – first RC of Autumn Term
30 October – Autumn Half Term – no RC
18 December – last RC of Autumn Term